10 Cleaning Jobs That Are Easier With A Steam Cleaner

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Top Steam Cleaners for the Job

When it comes to finding the best steam cleaner for your home, you need to keep some basic things in mind. The most important issue when searching is water tank capacity. It needs to be at least 30 oz or more if you plan to use it for a stain-removing job. Any lower than that, and you might have to refill the tank too often, which takes you out of the cleaning mode. A quick steam heat-up time is also very important. If the heat-up time takes too long, you will have to wait around for it to heat up, which breaks the cleaning mode.

If you are cleaning a stain on a stain-carrying fabric, you need a carpet/carpet stain remover. If you do not have one, you will need to purchase it separately.

Below are the top-rated steam cleaners and their specific job applications.

Outdoor Grills

You can obtain a sizzling shine by using your steam cleaner outdoors on your grill. If your grill has been a little neglected, or you’ve had a fire, use the steam cleaner to burn off any remaining residue. Put on some rubber gloves to protect your arms from the heat and give the inside and outside of the grill a light scouring. Pay close attention to the areas where food has been cooked as the smoke and drippings that accumulate over time can be tough to get clean. Use the steam cleaner until the grill is spotless.


If you have come home to find that your young child or pet has had an accident on your bed, you are not alone. Accidents happen and are never predicted. A bed soaked with urine can be a difficult mess to clean. A steam cleaner can make the task not only possible to do, but it can make doable in one day.

Cleaning with steam is a great way to get those stubborn stains out of your mattresses. The water goes deep into the fibers of the mattress, allowing for a more in-depth clean. The stains will come out and the mattress is usually dry in a couple of hours. However, since the mattress is set out to air dry, it’s best if you find a place to sleep comfortable other than your bed until the mattress is completely dry.


Using a steam cleaner on upholstery is one of the best ways to clean upholstery in your house.

As these cleaners have a lot of heat, they remove bacteria and remove unpleasant odors that tend to build up in sofas and chairs.

The heat from the steam cleaner will also kill germs and will kill dust mites that may be present in your sofas. This is one of the main benefits to using a steam cleaner as this will help to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

If you are going to be using a steam cleaner on your upholstery then make sure that you follow the care instructions on your upholstery so that you don’t ruin it.

You should use the attachments that come with the steam cleaner in order to thoroughly clean your upholstery. This will help to make sure that you get everything out that you want to get out of your upholstery.

You should also be aware that if the upholstery is delicate then you are not going to be able to clean it with an upright cleaner.

But it is also important that you avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your upholstery. This will help to make sure that you use a product that will be safe and gentle on your upholstery but will clean it thoroughly.


You can skip scrubbing squeegee running, ladder climbing, and elbow grease required to get your windows clean. From the bathroom to the kitchen windows, applying plain tap water to a steam cleaner will blast away germs, grime, dirty, soot, greasy messes, and fingerprints.

For particularly dirty windows, add vinegar to the tank, you’ll get even more impressive results.

Safety considerations and costs affect doing every window in the house. Using a steam cleaner to tackle mirrors and smaller windows, as well as regular home cleaning reduces the amount of elbow grease you need for most common cleaning projects.

Some steam cleaners also have attachments for carpets, walls, and floors. One steam cleaner may be enough to tackle many of your basic cleaning projects.


Steam Cleaners are very useful tools and can help with a variety of household cleaning tasks. Some tasks, however, may require a little extra patience and a little extra care in the handling of your delicate and precious items. Some tasks are not good steam cleaner jobs at all!

For example, you should never place a Steam Cleaner on or near your electronics! You should never hang a Steam Cleaner over a door or window.

Tiles and grout

Steaming your bathroom is as easy as running a steam cleaner over your tiles and into the grout lines. This is very versatile as it not only cleans the tile, but gets into the grout lines, cleaning hard-to-reach areas since the steam won’t dissolve the grout like liquid cleaners and cleaners with bleach.

This often means you won’t need to purchase any additional tile cleaner or grout cleaner, depending on your needs.

Steam is also really great for an area rug for the same reason. It can penetrate deep down into the fibers, getting out dirt and grime that regular vacuuming misses.

There are also steam cleaners that are specifically designed for upholstery. These are great for hard-to-reach areas of your home, like behind the couch.

Spills, smells, and stains.

A steam cleaner can be used on many other surfaces besides cleaning grout lines. It can be great for spills, smells, and even stains. The steam carries the cleaning solution and kills bacteria on contact. This makes the steam cleaner great for cleaning up pet stains in your home, old claims left on your carpet, and even your bathroom fixtures. Steam cleaners are great for cleaning your bathroom. Who wants to use nasty chemicals on your countertops when you can easily clean and disinfect them with a steam cleaner?


Steam cleaning carpets is the preferred method of getting rid of stains, rather than cleaning with upholstery, or with a broom. With this in mind, you don’t have to invest in a powerful model or spend a lot of time going over carpets with a steam cleaner. The main focus should be on the ability to steam clean carpets quickly and effectively.

To clean, you place the steamer on a carpet, and let the surface heat up. After a few minutes, you can start cleaning, and the steam will quickly dissolve stains. You can use an upholstery attachment to gently scrub carpets, using the soft bristles to loosen stains. Then, you can clean the carpets with the steam cleaner as usual.

Steam Cleaning is a great option for carpets that are wall-to-wall, or in vehicles as the floor of a vehicle is the same amount of area as a small room of your home. If your main focus is cleaning carpets quickly and easily, steam cleaning is a great option for you.

Outdoor Furniture

Many people have said that a steam cleaner works well for cleaning outdoor furniture such as patio chairs and tables. For this project, you could bring the cleaner outdoors and make an instant difference to the appearance of your outdoor furniture.

You don’t want to leave the steam cleaner outdoors to collect dust and debris because it will also create problems when the next time you use it. Your best option is to store the cleaner indoors for cleaning and then put it safely away outdoors for storage.

Pet Cages And Beds

Get rid of unwanted waste and stains from cages and beds with the powerful steam of a steam cleaner. Clean the metal bars and plastic bottom so the animals have a clean and comfortable area to play and sleep.

Remove dirt from all hard-to-reach areas like corners and under the bed. You will also be able to easily remove stains and even clean the plastic grate the animals like to play on.

Make sure to do this kind of cleaning and vacuuming every three months. This will keep the cages healthy and clean for your animals.

Allergens and dirt can get caught in the fibers of a foam mattress and cause people to develop health problems. Because of this, people should try and vacuum these spots at least once a month. But, steam cleaners can be used to get rid of the allergens and make the mattress fresh and clean. To kill mildew and mold, which may be growing and festering on the mattress, use a well-recommended cleaning product.

Remove stains from furniture by using furniture wipes. These are special wipes to clean and remove stains on upholstery. Follow the instructions on the pack to use the wipes correctly. Wipes can be much more productive than wipes, so they are well worth the money.

DIY And Garden Tools

Even though you have a steam cleaner for cleaning bathroom tile and grout and the occasional sofa cleaning, you may also want to steam clean other tools and equipment that are used around the home.

For example, you can clean your outdoor tools and yard accessories like shovels, rakes, and other items. The great thing about this is that you are getting them all cleaned with one tool. The bad thing is that you will need to remove grease and oil from sharp blades and other tools before cleaning. When bringing them up to your steam cleaner, bring a rags or clean cloth as you may have to wipe and swipe up any oil or grease spots.

Steam clean your tools when they have been sitting outside for the season.


Steam cleaners are great for curtains. They eliminate allergens and sanitize the curtains from germy and bacteria problems. It's especially important to sanitize your curtains, if you’re a parent, since your children can suffer from asthma, allergies or even more serious health problems.

If it's truly time to take your curtains down, you'll want to wash them with your trusty steam cleaner before putting them in the wash. The steam will extend the life of your curtains, remove stains, and revitalize the color.

You can even clean your curtains by either of two methods: spraying the curtains with warm soapy water and then using the steam to loosen and remove the dirt; or setting the steam on the rinse and a low steam setting, and then spraying the water-solution on the curtains as it sits on the liner. Whether you choose warm or cold water will depend on the amount of dirt and grime on your curtains. If the curtains are stained or have high traffic areas, warm water will work best. Cold water might be more effective if your curtains are fairly clean, but are simply looking a little dull.

Vacuum the curtains to remove the water, and then hang them to dry. You don’t necessarily have to take them down from the rod to do this, although that’s an option if you have a lot of curtains to clean.