How Often Can You Steam Clean Your Floors?

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Considerations When Steam Cleaning Your Floor

Before you grab the mop and bucket, you should know that steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning, is an intensive process that should only be used infrequently. With this cleaning method, the carpets or floors are scrubbed thoroughly using a liquid detergent then rinsed with hot water. Next, the floor is heated by a powerful steam cleaning machine that extracts the dirt and debris and carries it down the sewer drain.

The pros of steam cleaning include naturally removing dirt and bacteria, without leaving behind any soap residue that can attract more dirt, and the opportunity to sanitize items like carpet and furniture that you can't typically clean with chemicals like chlorine bleach.

The cons include the long time, and energy, it takes to steam clean your floors. Steam cleaning on floors is also a high-profile process that leaves you vulnerable to wet floors while cleaning. Steam cleaning can potentially bleach or dye natural-fiber carpets and can melt foam cushions.

How often should you Steam Clean your Floors?

The answer is that it depends. Hardwood floors are much easier to steam clean than carpet!

For hardwood floors, steam cleaning is a piece of cake. You can steam clean them at least once a month.

For carpet, it’s a bit trickier. We’d recommend that you steam clean your carpet every months if you live in a moderate climate and twice a year in a warmer one.

You may wonder why we recommend that you steam clean your carpet less frequently. It’s because steam cleaning your carpet is very hard on it, and can damage fibers over time. If you steam clean too often you may cause the carpet to lose its original feel and become brittle.

There is NO need to steam clean your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room! Never steam clean more than one room per cleaning.

You can steam clean your carpet as little or as often as you need. As long as you avoid doing it too often, steam cleaning your carpet is a great way to keep carpet fresh and clean, and to keep your household healthy.


Steam cleaning your floors regularly is a great way to keep them clean and sanitary. If you’re working on other projects around the house, and you’re low on time, using your steam mop brings a hassle free cleaning method into your life. Once you have your floors clean, make sure to clean them regularly, so you don’t start to accumulate too much dirt and grime in your home.

How often you should clean your floors depends on how often you use your floors and if they are in a high traffic area. If not, then you could clean them once a week and if they are in high traffic areas, then once a week is not enough and your floors should be cleaned at least once a day.