Keeping Your Kids Healthy With A Steam Cleaner

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Let's be honest. Kids are really sticky. Early conversations with our kids elicit a response of "I fell!" or "He/she pushed me!" Maybe I'm still a little sensitive about the years of my children's childhood when my responses varied from "Don't climb on the furniture! " to "Stop hitting your brother!"

For this reason, the way I keep my kids healthy is to consistenly clean them. I don't have all the time in the world to clean, but I do have time to make sure my kids are regularly cleaned both inside and out. With the help of my handy-dandy LG Steam Cleaner, the work and time I need to spend to keep my kids healthy has drastically been reduced.

Here are the top six ways that my new LG Steam Cleaner keeps my kids (and me) healthy:

Sticky faces: After my kids have eaten, my microwave is my best friend. Recently, when my favorite two-year old began leaving fingerprints on the doorframe of the microwave, I knew it was time to 'de-grease' the microwave and make it good as new.

20 seconds later, the microwave was shiny and clean, and the sticky fingerprints were gone. I was amazed at how easy it was to quickly 'clean' the microwave.

11 Things Around Kids to Clean With Steam

{1}. Window Clean – Since windows are continually in contact with outside environment, they are often one of the dirtiest places in the house. A steam cleaner is hands down the best way to keep them free of germs. Not to mention the added benefit of not having to use icky abrasive cleaners that will scratch the glass.
{2}. Doorknobs – Just like the windows, the doorknobs are also constantly in contact with everything that goes in and out of the house. They commonly have lots of germs and also can easily pick up any germs a sick person might leave on the knob too. Using a steam cleaner is a way to wipe away the germs, and can even kill some of the more persistent germs that live in the knob grooves.
{3}. Stoves and Ovens – As with all appliances, there are lots of little nooks and crannies that steam cleaners are simply better at cleaning than other methods. With the use of a little elbow grease you can have a brand new stove and oven again!
{4}. Grills – We all love that great grilled flavor, but if you're not careful a dirty grill can give you a nasty case of food borne infection. Not to mention the food itself is frequently contaminated with harmful bacteria and food grease spills can cause fires. With a steam cleaner, it is super easy to clean your grill and keep it clean.

Diaper Pail

Deciding on a diaper pail is very personal for many reasons. Most parents choose one based on smell, how quickly you need to get rid of the diaper, and the type of storage available. Why? This a tip, not an option for an aerobic gym.

There is nothing worse than the odor of a stinky diaper and having even a few in the carton can make the environment in the house stink horribly. You can also catch whoever is near the diaper pail to give an "olfactory" argument to your partner.

The odor of the dirty diapers may smell. There are limits, however. A diaper pail does not have to smell bad. The odor of a fallen diaper is harder to capture, but it is possible by using a diaper pail that you can maintain.

Detergents can be used in the washer without a problem. The only problem I have found is that the detergent will slowly leave the clothes before its time has expired. This reduces its effectiveness and you end up having to build your washer more powerful, which is likely to cost more. Detergents in the diaper pail can be messy.

Another smell, the carpet, carpet.

Teething rings

Are great to own and a necessity too. Teething rings keep your babies from chewing on your valuables, such as the remote control or your new designer shoes. They are made out of rubber to produce high levels of grip that makes them resistant to slip.

Teething rings are an excellent choice to reach not only babies but also toddlers that are constantly putting toys in their mouth. They are inexpensive and have no risk of choking. Plus, they are highly available at local drugstores.

However, if you want to keep your baby’s teething ring as germ free as possible, you need a steam cleaner. Bacteria are not just being contained to the outside of toys but also the toys’ cracks and crevices. Steam cleaners are designed to heat up the water to a steaming hot temperature, without scalding your hands. And let's face it, we have all burnt our hands trying to sterilize toys in boiling water. The steam cleaner is designed to bring you the cleaning power of hot water without the risks.

Plush toys

Your home and personal effects can get dirty if you don’t give them an occasional deep clean. But, how do you know when your home, your baby’s plushy toys, and your car seats are becoming a breeding ground for disease-causing germs?

Viruses and bacteria are resistant to extreme heat for short periods of time, making steam cleaners ideal for sterilizing items. However, it’s imperative that the steam generated from the dirty water be a high enough temperature to kill the germs.

The boiling point of water is 212 degrees F. This is by no means to say that a steam cleaner is as heat safe as boiling water, which would warp and/or melt your belongings, but it is a good indicator of how the steam cleaner has the potential to kill germs.

According to doctors, adding bleach to warm tap water (100 degrees F) and allowing the solution to sit for an hour, can kill more than 99 percent of germs. The steam from a steam cleaner can reach higher temperatures than warm tap water, which is why a steam cleaner has significant germ-killing potential.

Small toys

Are like magnets to your kids, but having a grime-filled home is not a welcome change. Keep your living space, like your car, free of unwanted microbes with an easy to use steam cleaner. You'll never get tired of a fresh start. Spare yourself the time and stress of a tedious cleaning.

Best of all, a steam cleaner is super-efficient. It sprays a super-heated steam. The steam is hot enough to loosen even the toughest dirt on your floor, sofa, or even your car seat. It targets and removes the toughest stains in your flooring without any harsh chemicals.

Typically, a steam cleaner will have two main components: the body, which contains the water tank, and the head, which contains the steam generating components. Both are typically removable for cleaning.

Another one of the best features of a steam cleaner is that you can set it and forget it. You can control the steam output and the amount of time you want it to work from the remote control. This makes it a great investment for any homeowner.

Big playthings

You know those toys that are really popular with your child? The ones that are fun and not too expensive, that are the height of the toys right now?

All of that yummy, sticky, goodness that your child just can't get enough of is quickly deposited in your carpeting…sometimes nearly immediately! This makes clean up a breeze. All you need is a quick visit with your handheld steam cleaner, and that sticky debris is gone!

Steam cleaners work by steaming up the solution, and then you just vacuum it up. This makes clean up a breeze!

"Hey mom! Look at me! I’m vaporizing some guy’s mess, cleaning it up, and gettin’ paid for it, too!"

Your child can assist and learn responsibility. This is a perk for both of you! You love to see them acquitted with their own pride. They love to feel like a real helper.

The toys smell great! Maybe it's just me, but my favorite part about using a steam cleaner, is that it gets rid of that "new-toy smell". Without the new-toy smell, you can't smell the stinky old stuff that was under your kid's little couch in the corner.

High chair

When we had our first child, we were given a high chair from my mother-in-law. It was her old high chair that her youngest son had used and it had rusted over the years. I had never even heard of a steam cleaner before we got married, but after my husband bought his first steam cleaner, we knew this was going to be a good investment for our family.

We first tried this steam cleaner on the high chair, but that wasn’t such a good idea. The water came out too hot and shot out of the steam nozzle too quickly. We did find, however, that the steam cleaner would get off all the crumbs and food stuck to the chair and got it looking very good. I was very apprehensive about putting our baby in the high chair, as I knew she would not be able to sit in it comfortably, but with all the crumbs gone, the chair felt much better.

When our daughter was ready to start eating regular food, we wanted to let her explore her environment without the risk of choking on food. To keep food off her clothes, we used the steam cleaner on her seat cover. It worked wonderfully and the food didn’t stick at all. After that, when we changed her clothes, we always used the steam cleaner to make her clothes feel wrinkled free.


If you have a little one, travel strollers can get very grimy. It's easy to clean. Just don't forget to bring it inside when it's done. It's a good idea to clean it the same day you use it. That way, it dries before you take baby in it. Clean it before storage, too, to prevent build-up of mildew.

If you can, clean the seat with a baby wipe. The back and bottom steal need a damp cloth. You can use a household disinfectant cleaner for the cloth and wipe up the bottom crumbs while cleaning dust from fabric. Mold and mildew on the bottom can be cleaned with a diluted bleach and water solution. Spray down the back and bottom with the solution, let air dry and allow them to dry completely before storing away.

The mattress is more difficult to clean because it's so bulky and it needs to be spot cleaned. If you have a particularly messy spill, you'll most likely have to thoroughly clean the mattress outside the stroller.

Use a disinfectant cleaner to remove hand, eye, or face stains. Baby wipes will remove stains from the fabric for easy cleaning.

Wipe down all of the fabric with a disinfectant cleaner to remove stains, harden crumbs, and other dirt. After cleaning all of the fabric, you can also wipe down all of the metal parts like the handles and wheels.

Potty training

After potty training, most parents know that they must remain vigilant in order to ensure that their new young toilet users are always potty trained. This means trips to the bathroom throughout the day and a thorough bathroom cleaning at the end of each day as part of your evening routine.

Toilet related accidents can happen even when you are at home. Accidents occur more frequently when you are out of the house or busy with other things. There are a wide variety of ways that accidents can happen aside from a regular potty training accident from too much ice cream or a delay in getting to the bathroom. There are a few sneaky accidents that can sneak up on a family member or friend that is unaccustomed to having a toddler in their home.

Your toddler may drink from their cup or sippy and spill their drink, or throw the cup, which can result in a spill. There is nothing worse than a beverage spill in your:

  • Home
  • Car
  • Laptop
  • Phone or an electronic device

The most effective tool for carpet cleaning after a potty training accident, toddlers, or with an active household in general is a steam cleaner. Not only will a steam cleaner sanitize and eliminate the scent of an accident long before guests stop smelling it, but it will also kill any germs and bacteria on the carpet that could cause a sick stomach.


Vs. Foot Sanitizer Vs. Carpet Cleaner

As a parent, it’s hard enough to keep the house clean without using carpet or shoe sanitizing products that may have dubious ingredients. Here are a few ways to help keep the household clean and safe.

Get a Steam Cleaner

Buying a steam cleaner will allow you to clean all kinds of messes, from spilled juice to bathroom messes to coaches’ chalk marks on the driveway. While watching your favorite NFL team, the kids are bound to break something, spill something, or make a mess of some kind. A steam cleaner will allow you to clean the whole house in just a few short hours. It will save you time and energy and make cleanup a breeze.

Wash the Carpet

Kids leave a lot more on the floor than you might think. A little food, Spaghetti-O’s come to mind, leaves drips and spills in the carpet. Wash the carpets in the house once or twice a year to kill germs and make the carpets look like new. You want a product that will kill the germs and make the carpet look and feel nice at the same time. This will go a long way in getting that space-age carpet feeling back in the house.

Hard and sealed floors.

If you have hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, floors, bathrooms or fixtures where the surface is sealed or finished, consider carefully before using a steam cleaner. In some cases you wash these surfaces, you can damage the hard-surface. Use a clean dry cloth in these circumstances, and you can try to use a bathroom sealer to help prevent future damage.

Mattresses and upholstery

Can be notoriously difficult to keep clean. For example, dust mites can be found living in many mattress covers. These mites can cause allergy symptoms for some children and adults. A good vacuum will not suction up these mites, but there are actually specially-made solutions to keep you bedroom fresh and bacteria-free.

While not specifically used for this purpose, heat cleaning solutions are usually relatively inexpensive and can help eliminate dust mites and other allergens from upholstery and carpet. These heat cleaning solutions combine a steam cleaner with chemicals that kill bacteria and germs, and also loosen grime and dirt.

The steam cleaner is important to this type of cleaning because it works to lift the dirt and grime off of the surface area you’re trying to clean. Steam also helps steam-cleaners be effective cleaners.

Steam cleaners typically need to be connected to a water source, such as a sink. Some models are more portable than others, and can be used while you travel from one location to another. There are also some portable options that use their own special cleaner, so you will still need to make sure you have a water source.

Safety and use

Although steam cleaners are portable and portable, you still need to be careful when you use one. The steam cleaner can only produce dry steam without any perfumes. Most steam cleaners use tap water to expel the steam. You can use tap water to clean your home but make sure your tap water is not too hard. Using hard water for your steam cleaner could damage your product. You can use distilled water to avoid any costly repairs and unpredictable issues that may arise.

When you use your steam cleaner, you need to be aware that the floors of your house may become dry after you use your steam cleaner. The dryness of the floor could cause an accident if you slip on it. Even though many steam cleaners stop emitting steam, it can still be very hot afterwards. Do not use steam cleaners to clean kitchens or bathrooms. These areas are notorious for causing slips. If you have pets in your home, be careful when using your steam cleaner. Birds and other pets are prone to burns from steam. When you use your steam cleaner on your clothes, make sure you do not use steam cleaners that could damage your clothes. It is also a good idea to double check the temperature to avoid damaging your clothes.

Not just for kid stuff

Do you want to clean your kids’ room but think your steam cleaner is too big for the small space? The good news is that you don’t have to get a mini-steam cleaner. You can actually use your steam cleaner for more than just your carpets.

In fact, there are dozens of uses for steam cleaners, across all household surfaces. They are particularly good at killing germs, bacteria, and viruses, which is why hospitals often use them to clean operating rooms and patient rooms. Steam cleaners also sanitize hard surfaces and are great for disinfecting sinks and other hard to reach spaces.

Unlike most cleaning products, steam cleaners kill dust mites, which are known allergy triggers. They also kill other allergens like pet dander, pollen, and dirt. If you have pets, a steam cleaner eliminates pet odors and dander.

Use a steam cleaner to clean your fridge, even the door seal that typically requires replacing. Just use a damp towel to wipe the surfaces with the steam cleaner to kill bacteria and keep your food safer longer.



Keeping your kids healthy is extremely important and should be your highest priority. Unfortunately childhood illnesses can be unavoidable and the best way to prevent them is to be sure to clean surfaces in your home regularly. This will keep them from contaminating areas where your children are exposed such as shared toys, car seats, and high chairs.

If you have been considering a steam cleaner for health reasons you should be aware that steam cleaners leave most of the germs behind on a surface. Steamers kill viruses and bacteria effectively, but they usually leave viruses in the carpet or furniture. They can be removed from hard surfaced areas such as tile, linoleum, and wood, but they often still remain on the furniture or area rugs.

This is a problem in any household, but it is particularly important in a home with an infant or young children. Germs sometimes cause an infection that can be very dangerous for children and the elderly. These germs can cause serious illness and even death if left untreated. Products that effectively remove germs from any surface would be a great investment for any family. If you are looking for a product that will take care of the invisible germs then you should consider a UV sterilizer for your home.

Dupray Neat

Ease of use

For years, steam cleaners have been a boon to parents. Whether you are cleaning up messes your children make at play or doing a deep cleaning, steam cleaners can make a huge difference. One of the simplest and most popular cleaning tools parents have is the steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners are able to kill germs, even those organisms that are resistant to antibacterial cleaners. These cleaners are simple to use and easy to take care of as well. Steam cleaners are quite easy to operate and are usually inexpensive, making them a great tool for families.

Steam cleaners are a great way to check for mold. When using the jet steam of steam cleaners, mold will easily be taken off of the surface that you are cleaning. If you have mold on an item in your home or on your car, the steam cleaning process will help to remove it.

When you find the "dust" and "lint" on your most delicate belongings, it will be much easier for you to breathe with a steam cleaner. Regular house dust will also be easier to remove when you use a steam cleaner. You can have your entire home cleaned from top to bottom with this one handy tool.


Steam cleaning can be used to clean floors, clothes, furniture, and more. The best way to start out with a steam cleaner is by using it to get some of the tougher stains out of your carpets. You should start by taking bottle caps off of soda bottles. Put your cleaner on the floor in front of the area you are going to clean and start to saturate it. You can turn the cleaner on and use it on the area that you are going to clean or you can hold the cleaner down without running it. Just make sure you saturate the area. You can use a brush to scrub it or you can put a towel down and kind of scrap. This will get your carpet nice and clean and it will also be able to get some of the big stains out.

Cleaning upholstery is another way to use your steam cleaner. You can take a brush that is made of a rubber tip and make sure that all of the crevices are soaked. This can take a while but it will get all of the grime and dirt out of the upholstery. You want to make sure that you don’t turn up the steam too high or you can cause the upholstery to shrink. If this happens it will make the upholstery a little more expensive.


Before and After: A Cleaner Kitchen

Your kitchen is going to be the center of your household, so keeping it clean is a necessity. For a long time, I used a dirt and bacteria filled sponge to clean my kitchen. It had been so long since I had used a cleaning device that would disinfect the area that I completely forgot how difficult it is to get down on your hands and knees to scrub a kitchen floor.

After getting rid of my dirty sponge, I bought a new steam cleaner to disinfect my countertops and kitchen floor. The reason that I selected the Dirt Devil steam cleaner was its versatility. First, I could use the cleaner to clean both the large tiles in the kitchen and the smaller countertops. I simply needed to change the attachments on the device. I also liked the elbow grease feature of the device. I would describe this as the scrubbing effect that it provides. It was quick, and I had flawless results. I did not need to wear safety goggles, and I could use it on my countertops without any worries. I am very happy with my cleaner.


In a busy household, how often do you really feel like vacuuming? When you have that feeling, your kids are probably running around in their socks and shoes.

Spill something sticky on the floor? That’s where you want your kids to scrape their shoes off. You can create a common area for everyone to clean off their shoes when they come indoors. This will keep the rest of the house nice and clean. You can’t just put a bin of dirty toddler shoes on the kitchen counters, but you can designate an area in the mudroom for kids to toss their shoes while you get a steam cleaning done. You can enclose the space with a shower curtain rod for less mess.

Once you set up this area, it’s all part of the game. Your kids kick off their shoes and slide them into the place. After the cleaning, pop the shoes back out of the way for the next time. The steam cleaning solution acts like a disinfectant. This is an easy way to maintain clean surfaces, eliminate odors, and keep the family happy.


To clean things around the house, the most common cleaning tools around are the vacuum cleaner, the mop and bucket, and the vacuum cleaner. But vacuum cleaners have various degrees of suction levels, weight, and methods of handling.

There are many different ways of cleaning; steaming and vacuuming are the most conventional methods. Though a self-proclaimed science nerd, I feel like I personally prefer a vacuum over a steamer. Nonetheless, vacuuming is not always the best option. Sometimes, steaming can be the best method of cleaning. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between the two.

You know the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." It is super easy to take care of mold, dust, and other yucky things that mess up your walls, surfaces and carpets, just by vacuuming. A vacuum pulls air into a chamber and cleans it with a spinning brush that both pulls dirt and hair off the ground and surface as well as forces air back into the chamber. The air expelled is cleaner than the air sucked in. Vacuum cleaners can be powerful machines that are especially useful for large rooms or those with a lot of floor space. And it is great for cleaning walls, carpet, or upholstery!


As with any cleaning tool, there are pros and cons to using a steam cleaner.

Pros • A steam cleaner kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, which makes it the best type of cleaner for places where there are multiple people who may pick up an infection.

  • Steam cleaning is very effective at removing stain-causing bacteria, without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • When cleaned regularly, a steam cleaner prevents build up in hard-to-reach places that bacteria can live in. Cons • It is important to remember that the steam cleaner kills bacteria on contact. If you let it sit on a hard floor or other surface, the killing process won’t be complete until you have had time to scrub it properly.
  • Steam cleaners take longer to use than a conventional mop, and you may need to purchase a variety of attachments to clean a large number of surfaces.
  • When cleaning a large area, the steam cleaner can get very heavy as the tanks contain a large volume of water. This makes it impractical to carry around with you while you clean.


Vacuuming as long as it’s consistent and thorough can be enough to keep things clean. In the children's rooms, sometimes they'll get get toothpaste, or other crumbs on the floor. You can use a steam mop to take care of this problem quickly and easily.

If you have toddler sized toys such as Legos, small blocks, or cars, it can be very challenging to find all of the pieces. They tend to get all over the floor and you may never find all of them. Using a steam cleaner vacuum can be a lifesaver. This will clean beneath the couch, under the bed, and even under the refrigerator and behind the dresser. It is especially beneficial to use this if you have two kids and they're constantly fighting. It's a tool that can really come in handy.